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About Kwara STEAMFest
In recent years, the concept of STEAM has gained popularity in the world of education. According to the National Science Foundation, “To succeed in this new highly information-based and technology-driven society, students need to develop their capabilities in STEAM to levels much beyond what was considered acceptable in the past.”

STEAM builds upon the concept of STEM by emphasizing the integral role of the arts and creativity in the learning process. Specifically, STEAM provides value by exposing young-adults to Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. When the Arts are infused into STEM, you create the platform for children to engage critically, creatively and confidently in their learning.
Kwara STEAMFest

Mission and Goals

Foster Connections

  • Engage the public with all aspects of science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics (STEAM)
  • Strengthen connections between the sciences and the arts (STEAM)
  • Provide opportunities for interactions between STEAM professionals and the public

Build a Curious Community

  • Inspire and Generate interest in, understanding of, and public discourse on STEAM among students, youth and adults
  • Celebrate and inspire curiosity in STEAM in children
  • Expand our community of science enthusiasts across age, race, gender, income, and geography
  • Carry science programming into neighbourhoods across Kwara state that is unique to the needs of each community

Highlight Kwara state

  • Highlight Kwara state as a national leader in innovation and arts, thereby creating a greater public awareness of the science and technology industry and educational assets in our region
  • Support pathways for educational advancement in STEAM from cradle to career.
Kwara STEAMFest

Kwara STEAMfest will be divided into 5 main sections


STEAM Exhibitors

There will be over 40+ STEAM exhibitors’ booth for the students to visit for hands-on STEAM learning.


Master Classes

The students will learn from experts about technology, art, science, sports, career paths and skills required for the future.


Fun and Games

They will also take part in STEAM quiz during the fun fest booth and also have fun gaming at the eSports zone to be stationed at the venue of the programme.



The students will also be engaged on hands-on classes on Robotics, Design, Coding, and Engineering etc. in the STEAM Lab.



Students will come up with basic solutions that can help solve community problems through the knowledge they have acquired, and the best 10 teams with the most novel solutions will be recognised and awarded prizes.


Objectives of Kwara STEAMFest

  • To give children opportunities to explore STEAM with the hope of inspiring the future generations
  • To create awareness among the school children about the arts and its unlimited potential; and ways of tapping into and developing their brainpower.
  • To introduce and promote various techniques and skills pertaining to the improvement of STEAM among children, such as memory skill, digital skills, thinking skill, enhancing the right brain, speed reading, creativity, etc.
  • To enhance school students’ interest in science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics (STEAM), and prepare them to be problem solvers.
  • To enhance the awareness of the public on the roles and importance of STEAM in socio-economic wellbeing and sustainable development of our society.

While the STEAMFest is a full day program, we believe it’s going to have a lasting impacts on the participating students, parent and their teachers. Teachers would gain numerous examples to draw from when they are teaching science, art and math. Meeting and learning from professionals in the field of STEAM will expose the students to endless possibilities in STEAM and inspire and assist them in creating their own career paths. Children will carry the excitement from the Festival into their school learning. When children engage with real STEAM professionals, they tend to see STEAM as much more creative, diverse, and interesting than they initially thought. Parents will have new opportunities to discuss STEAM at home with their kids. Embracing STEAM can be life-changing for the school students and all of us.

Why support Kwara STEAMFest?

Your support will help build an equitable society of STEAM lovers


STEAMfest will broaden participation in science and art learning opportunities for groups under-represented in STEAM


It will offer opportunities to mentor children and engage with Kwara state students to share their passion for STEAM careers.


We will reach more than 1500 people in person and 2M+ through other channels (Radio, TV, Digital Media and Print Media)


Our organization will collaborate with more than 100 science, art, and educational institutions to strengthen the STEAM ecosystem in Nigeria.

Kwara STEAMFest

Sponsorship Categories


Platinum Sponsor


Gold Sponsor


Silver Sponsor


Copper Sponsor

Organization Bank Details

Bank Name - Stanbic IBTC

Name of Account - Webfala Digital Skills for all Initiative

Bank Account Number - 0038800235

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Benefits of Sponsorship include

  • Opportunity to contribute to the STEAMfest mission and help children in Kwara state to Imagine, Discover, and Explore.
  • Listing on the event website, promotional materials, social media, and program. STEAMfest will receive significant social media attention and press coverage. Our sponsors have the opportunity to share in that coverage.
  • Signed Letter of Appreciation, suitable for framing, from our organization. Additionally, after the event, we will provide a gallery of photos and videos that will include your booth. This gallery is a great way to share the event with your community.
  • Positive exposure of your mission, brand, product, or service to hundreds of qualified local residents with a demonstrated interest.
  • Booth sponsors are welcome to use the booth as an opportunity to promote their mission, brand, services, and products, as long as such promotion complement the educational nature of the event.

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